Mission Statement:

The WAEES mission is to improve global agriculture by providing rigorous economic and environmental analytical support to private and public agricultural decision makers.

Business Philosophy:

WAEES provides unbiased, relevant, and factual agricultural analysis and forecasts to agri-business, policy makers, commodity organizations, NGO’s, consultants, the legal system and others interested in agricultural for the purpose of helping decision makers make informed choices.  We conduct our business with the highest levels of integrity, dealing honestly with all clients by providing analytical solutions specifically supporting and addressing their business challenges and opportunities.

Brief History:

WAEES was founded in 2002 as the Economic Consulting Group.  The name was changed in 2011 to reflect the changing capabilities of the business to include partial equilibrium commodity modeling, forecasting and scenario analysis; the addition of the China Division; and additional focus on the environment.


The WAEES team includes a variety of agricultural analysts many of which have over 25 years of experience.  The team is highly educated with 4 PhD’s, 2 PhD ABD’s, and several Masters and Masters in training, as well as a number of agricultural economists with their BS.  WAEES is also pleased to offer graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to gain experiential learning while assisting in the maintenance and development of our complex agricultural partial equilibrium modeling system.