John Kruse

Dr. John Kruse is currently managing principal and owner of World Agricultural Economic and
Environmental Services, LLC (WAEES). John works with a team of agricultural analysis experts
providing policy, technology, and environmental analysis support to a variety of agribusinesses,
agricultural organizations, universities, and government entities. Within WAEES, he directs the
structural partial equilibrium modeling for the global agricultural and biofuels sectors and conducts
scenario analysis of a variety of domestic and international policy, technology, macroeconomic, and
climate alternatives.
Leveraging his experience in partial equilibrium modeling, John and his team have developed a fully
integrated system of global agricultural and biofuels partial equilibrium models that capture in the
world in 48 countries and regions spanning more than 30 commodities in more than 25,000
equations. John and his team continually work to expand the analytical capability of the WAEES
models and capture new policies as well as researching new approaches to improve model
simulation accuracy and performance. The research process is informed through an extensive
variety of ongoing scenario analyses as well as quarterly updates of global agricultural and biofuel
Believing there are great advantages to experiential learning, through WAEES John offers ongoing
internships to ten undergraduate and graduate students in agricultural economics, economics,
statistics, mathematics, data sciences, and computer programming/engineering to develop the next
generation of agricultural and biofuels analysts. John provides formal training for students in the
application of economics, statistics, and programming to the agricultural and biofuels sectors as well
as providing insight into how the agricultural and biofuels supply chains work.
John spent about half of his 35-year career in the public sector with the Food and Agricultural Policy
Research Institute (FAPRI) and half in the private sector working for Pioneer Hi-Bred, IHS-Global
Insight, and his agricultural analysis firm WAEES. While at the Food and Agricultural Policy
Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri-Columbia, he was co-program director for
biofuels and transportation research. He has co-authored numerous journal articles. John continues
to manage the crop and livestock farm he grew up on in northeast Missouri.