John Kruse

John Kruse is currently a principal and co-founder of World Agricultural Economic and Environmental Services, LLC (WAEES). John works with a team of agricultural analysis experts providing policy, technology, environmental and life cycle analysis support to a variety of agribusinesses, trade organizations, and government entities. Within WAEES, he directs the structural partial equilibrium modeling for the global agricultural sector conducting simulation analysis of a variety of domestic and international policy, technology, macroeconomic, and weather alternatives.

Dr. Kruse has built global econometric models for the grains, oilseeds, cotton, beef, pork, broiler, fruits, and vegetable sectors and has run a variety of policy and technology scenarios including China over the past 20 years. He participated in the WTO trade negotiation analysis with FAPRI both at Iowa State University and University of Missouri with special emphasis on the implications of WTO negotiations for US agriculture. More recently he has worked on special proprietary studies focusing on technology and China’s future import needs for grains and oilseeds. He also has experience with fruits and vegetable models for China and the rest of the world.

He has worked in the consulting sector providing commodity market and regulatory insight to agri-business, government agencies, trade associations, executives and researchers. While at the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri-Columbia, he was co-program director for biofuels and transportation research. In this position, he was responsible for biofuels and grain transportation analysis, the U.S. crop sector outlook, and development of global crop models.

He has co-authored numerous journal articles. He is currently Adjunct Professor, Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri-Columbia, where he completed his PhD.