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WAEES services a wide variety of clients reflecting the diversity of our analytical capabilities.  With every client, our goal is to ensure that we deliver valuable and insightful information while remaining flexible to meet the changing needs of a project.

The WAEES Business Philosophy:

We provide unbiased, relevant, and factual agricultural analysis and forecasts to agribusiness, policy makers, commodity organizations, NGO’s, consultants, the legal system and others interested in agriculture for the purpose of helping decision makers make informed choices.  We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and deal honestly with all clients providing analytical solutions specifically supporting and addressing their business challenges and opportunities.

Our customized analysis and products are directed at those players who make decisions affecting the future of global agriculture.  These players include:

  • agribusinesses evaluating new technologies, policies, etc.
  • government policy makers evaluating the impact of alternative policies or who want a modeling tool to help make informed decisions
  • commodity groups who want to evaluate the implications of a set of particular policy options to determine the impacts on their industry
  • trade negotiators who want to understand the impacts of trade barriers
  • banks who want to understand the economic impacts of a governmental policy
  • decision makers evaluating environmental impacts of alternative policies, technologies, etc